Viamag Signature Brochure

8 pages, 8 x 10 inches


The Viamag Signature  is an 8 pages brochure with 12 photos. It shows the MLS listing's informations, including the remark, the addenda and the inclusions/exclusions. The last page presents your services. Your descriptive text is shown there. The brochure is printed on a slightly glossy paper and measures 8.5"X 10". This is our largest brochure. It is best used for inscriptions with beautiful photos. It really reflects the essence of the Via Capitale Art program: Authentic, Respectable, Technological.


Give the  Viamag Signature to potential home buyers during your open houses. You can also give them to potential house sellers to show your professionalism. You can also use the Viamag brochure holder during your open houses to display your brochures.

From 1.523 $ /unit
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Digital Kit

Digital Kit
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